With the stress and strain of modern day living, many people are turning to these arrangements as a form of financial security and personal freedom.

Lack of trust to the society in the era of communication and information explosion; It has caused a new form of families to be formed, which is a combination of married life and prostitution. This may seem like a joke, but it is a very serious lifestyle. In the form of standard marriage, couples have an age difference of up to 15 years. But in these new families, couples have 40 to 50 years of age difference.

With the stress and strain of modern day living, many people are turning to these arrangements as a form of financial security and personal freedom. However, this has caused a great debate as to whether it is ethical or beneficial in any way. On one hand, it can provide a sense of stability and financial freedom, but on the other hand, it can be seen as an exploitation of vulnerable people.

Young rich men who are in their second decade of life, a generation with a minimalist upbringing that has no understanding of real life in difficult circumstances. After gaining their first social experiences, these young men prefer to avoid relationships with girls of their own age. Yes! They are anxious. They are aware of the adventures and risky fantasies of young girls and have no hope of having a bright and secure future with them. This leads them to search for older, experienced women who needs to provide the financial security they crave, while also offering the pleasure of a fulfilling relationship.

Photo By: Sinitta Leunen

Photo By: Sinitta Leunen

These mature women offer both a sense of stability and adventure, and the young men enjoy the comfort of knowing they will be taken care of. On the other hand, older women appreciate the adoration and youthful spirit these young men bring to the table. They receive the attention that is lacking in many of their relationships. Relationships between young men and experienced women tend to be a mutual understanding between two entirely different age groups. Although they possess a strong physical and emotional attraction, both parties involved understand the boundaries which are expected to be kept in check.

Why & How?

Young girls are very imaginative and dreamy and live in a completely fantasy world. In this world, they are able to create whatever they can imagine and explore their innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment or fear. This is where they can have new adventures, experience a range of emotions, and develop their creativity. This way of thinking makes young men not trust them and not go to them for a real life. These young men have come out of a completely fantasy world and are trying to find a place in the real world for themselves.

They need wives who can trust their marital understanding and mothers who will always take care of them.

However, it is important to remember that it is through embracing their creative freedom and allowing it to be expressed in the physical world that these young men can begin to find their place. They need to learn to trust their own ideas, challenge their own beliefs, and discover their own purpose. They will begin to understand how life works, gain a better appreciation for their own capabilities, and work to create a life for themselves that can be both fulfilling and meaningful. They need wives who can trust their marital understanding and mothers who will always take care of them. So who better than divorced and widowed old women?

Divorced or widowed old women can serve as mentors and role models for these young men in ways that can have a profound impact on their lives. They are wise, experienced women who can provide guidance, support, and education on topics such as life skills, family dynamics, and domestic duties. They can share important life lessons about persistence, faith, courage, and pursuing your goals, regardless of the obstacles. Furthermore, old women can share valuable insights on how to cope with grief, heartache and other emotional issues that life may bring. In offering understanding and kindness, divorced and widowed older women can provide tremendous aid in helping these young men find their path and find peace. Divorced and widowed elderly women suffer from loneliness and just when they need attention and care from their families; They are left alone. These women need emotional support and youthful enthusiasm, things that were absent or rare in their families.

Another important point is the need of these women for financial support and new financial resources. Divorced and widowed elderly women have limited financial resources and cannot pay for their financial needs through job, bank loans, etc., like girls and young women. These women have reasonable concerns specific to their age. Concerns such as providing for the future of children, medical expenses, etc.

According to the brief explanations provided, who better to meet the emotional and financial needs of older women than wealthy young men? By offering a helping hand and a listening ear, wealthy young men can show genuine concern and, in turn, have a lasting impact on the divorced and widowed elderly’s lives. They can offer emotional and financial support, giving these women the strengthening encouragement and the sense of worth that they need.

Economics and moral conflicts

The difference between economics and ethics is the difference between the real society and the ideal society, and this difference continues from ancient times to today. Economics deals with the rational use of resources to achieve societal goals and aims to maximize benefits for the whole of society. Ethical concerns, on the other hand, deal with moral considerations such as fairness, justice, and rights; they focus on achieving a society that is more equitable and just. While economics attempts to explain how the real world works, ethics looks to guide how it should work. The debate between economics and ethics is ongoing, and the differences between them are important to understand in order to create a more balanced society.

Photo By: Alexander Grey

Photo By: Alexander Grey

From the moral point of view, prostitution is actually self-selling and exploitation. Prostitution exploits people in society who are in vulnerable states, such as those with little money or social standing. It fails to respect the human dignity of both the prostitute and the person engaging in prostitution, and perpetuates a system of inequality and power imbalance between genders. In addition, prostitution violates the moral principle of human equality by creating a system in which one person’s body becomes a commodity that is exchanged. It also creates a system in which people’s economic wealth and power determine the value of human life and relationships. Ultimately, prostitution is a byproduct of an unequal society and a culture that does not value the inherent dignity of human life.

Economics offers a different view from ethics. Economics arose to give meaning to concepts such as profit and value. Economics looks at how resources are distributed in society and measures the efficacy of transactions and activities. It uses metrics to evaluate the impact of economic decisions and policies on society, often taking into account the interests of those who have different levels of material wealth or resources. Economics also affects how we think about moral and ethical questions, as it can offer a framework for thinking about the consequences of our decisions. Economics believes that any kind of profit-making activity that is within the framework of society’s laws is permissible and acceptable.

Photo By: Bruce Christianson

Photo By: Bruce Christianson

Finally, to judge between economics and ethics; Sociology has serious concerns. In a general summary, sociology believes that marriage is a type of legal prostitution in the human system. Sociology deems it important to consider the mutual benefits and expectations of any marriage, including economic benefits which often surpass emotional ones. The basis of gender equity and marriage should be genuine consent and mutual respect, free from any kind of exploitation. The institution of marriage should take into account the changing values, beliefs and economic conditions of a society. It should be noted that economics should not be the sole basis of deciding the value of marriage. In addition, economic incentives in the form of compensation for those entering a marriage should be a form of ethical evaluation as well.

Everything is normal

Everything is normal and proceeds like all the norms of a society. For example, a rich 20-year-old young man identifies a 60-year-old divorced or widowed woman. That woman has a completely normal life and is not notorious and dishonorable like prostitutes. She is a respectable woman with a family and like all old ladies she has emotional and financial needs. She devoted her whole life to her family and had no time for herself.

Even if his offer is not accepted at first sight, as time passes the woman may begin to realize that she is in need of help; maybe she will accept it.

The young man offers help with financial obligations and emotional support. He listens to her problems and gives her useful advice. This woman now has a chance to start anew. Even if his offer is not accepted at first sight, as time passes the woman may begin to realize that she is in need of help; maybe she will accept it. In exchange, the young man gets respect, care, and necessary attention from her. He also gets a companion he can talk to and exchange experiences with. Both benefit from such an arrangement. Finally, in order for this mutual relationship to take an official and legal form, they get married.

In this type of marriage, the woman has all the legal rights as a wife. She is under the full financial and emotional support of her husband, and her family also benefits completely from this young husband. She has no duty towards the normal affairs of a married life such as housekeeping and her only duty is to be faithful and act like prostitutes for her husband.

Marriage in these terms provides a chance of fulfillment for both parties. For the woman, she gets security from her husband, something she may not have had previously. She is also able to provide a better life for her family through the financial support of her husband. The husband is also able to gain a companion who is loyal, dedicated and supportive. Overall, it is a type of marriage mutually beneficial to both parties involved, providing both with a satisfying and rewarding relationship.

Based on the above explanation, this type of marriage can be called an honorable prostitution. Although this type of marriage has been traditionally seen as socially unacceptable, it is beneficial to both parties in it who provide support, security, and companionship. However, such a marriage is only successful when the loyalty and faithfulness of the wife is not taken for granted and the husband ensures his security by keeping his wife’s trust and honoring her rights and needs. When those two essential elements exist in this type of marriage, a strong bond can form and bring the couple an unbreakable trust and dedication.

Photo By: Katelyn Macmillan

Photo By: Katelyn Macmillan

In addition, in this type of marriage, both the husband and the wife are mutually committed to fulfilling duties and responsibilities to each other. This type of marriage does not necessarily imply that the wife is degraded or inferior, as she is still respected and her contributions to the relationship are acknowledged. By respecting each other and showing mutual commitment, both the husband and the wife can achieve satisfaction and stability in their marriage. In the end, this type of marriage can be embraced and accepted if those in the relationship are dedicated to respecting and meeting each other’s needs. The wife must accept that she is present as an intimate prostitute in her husband’s house and in return she enjoys countless benefits. Benefits such as full and long-term financial support and maintaining respect and dignity and, of course, confidentiality.

The husband too has obligations towards his wife. He must ensure that the wife’s basic needs are met, that her dignity and safety are maintained, and that she is respected and appreciated in the relationship. He must provide the wife with all the material comforts and security she needs to be successful in her marital role. Furthermore, the husband must recognize that the wife’s needs and desires are to be respected and considered alongside his own. This consensually enforced relationship imbues both the wife and the husband with mutual trust, respect, and commitment which is essential to its long-term success.

Former family and current family

It is important to remember that such a decision is not easy and that it must not be taken lightly.

When an old divorced woman or widow marries a rich young man in his 20s to live with him as a prostitute, her family must psychological and emotional support her. The family must accept and understand that it is neither wrong nor criminal for her to make the decision she has made and to recognize her agency in the decision. They should assure her of their love and support while understanding that she is able to make her own choices. It is important to remember that such a decision is not easy and that it must not be taken lightly. The family and her partner should strive to be respectful and understanding of her situation. The family should be aware of the power dynamic between an older woman and a much younger man.

This woman will experience a new lifestyle in her husband’s house. Experiences such as cosmetic surgeries, make-up and special and prostitutes style clothes, etc., which must be accepted by the woman’s family. The family should be a source of comfort and strength for her as she begins this new chapter. In addition, she must learn to perform the roles of a prostitute in her husband’s home as well as take on the responsibilities associated with being a prostitute, such as taking care of the household and possibly raising children. The family should be there to help the woman assimilate into her new environment, to show her what it means to be a wife and a prostitute and to provide her with support and protection as she and her family move forward. Finally, regardless of whether it is a divorcee or widow old woman, she must remember that her family’s unconditional love and acceptance will provide her with safety and security, regardless of her particular situation.

Everything looks good; Except cultural problems

Maybe everything is ideal and beneficial from an economic, scientific, sociological, psychological and medical point of view; But these old women face two big problems: acceptance by the family and acceptance by the society. The family is formed based on norms that are influenced by its cultural, ethnic, religious and moral conditions. Morality still considers pleasure and hedonism as an ugly thing, let alone making financial profit from it. The official law of any human society has not and will not be compiled based on ethics, because the discussion of ethics is a relative issue and depends on the circumstances.

Photo By: Nyana Stoica

Photo By: Nyana Stoica

Family members usually feel ashamed of old women who join the sex lifestyle. This is often because sexual life is often seen as a taboo subject and does not fit with traditional moral values. In addition, the stigma of sexual marriage results in a lack of acceptance by society. This can result in limitations of access to other services and opportunities. This means that older women in sexual marriage often face discrimination, harassment, and even violence from members of society. It is the cultural problems in society and family that cause many of these types of marriages to end in deadlock and divorce.

The family of these elderly women should accept and support them. They must accept that their mother’s prostitution is a family matter that is perfectly legitimate within the framework of a marriage, and that this completely hidden prostitution will raise the standard of their mothers’ lives. By accepting and supporting their mother’s prostitution, they can demonstrate their respect for her and their family values. Without judgement or stigma, her chosen lifestyle can become a source of pride and self-respect, and for her children and their families, an example of hard work and dedication.

Education is key in changing the attitudes of families and societies toward sexual marriage.

In order to combat this discrimination and to increase acceptance of older women in sexual marriages, there needs to be an increase in awareness and understanding from the wider public. This includes learning more about the benefits and value of such marriages, as well as tackling any preconceptions around the subject. Education is key in changing the attitudes of families and societies toward sexual marriage. Additionally, governments should provide better legal recognition of such marriages. In doing so, older women in sexual marriages can achieve greater autonomy and higher quality of life. This includes the provision of support services that are accessible and relevant to their needs, both physical and psychological. Furthermore, access to healthcare should be prioritized, since many older women in sexual marriages may be more vulnerable in terms of their health status. Ultimately, with increased acceptance from society and families, older women in sexual marriages will be free to enjoy the same rights and opportunities that any other couple does.


Unlike developed countries where there are accurate statistics of this type of marriage, there is no accurate information on the number of this type of marriage in third world countries. In third world countries such as Middle East countries, many people do not want to disclose their sex marriage due to cultural issues.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult to measure the prevalence of sex marriage in the region accurately. Although reports on sex marriage in the Middle East do appear from time to time in the media, accurate figures are hard to come by. Additionally, most of these reports focus on famous public figures rather than the prevalence of such marriage among ordinary citizens. As a result, it is difficult to determine the true extent of this type of marriage in the region.

According to the statistics of the United Nations Women’s Office (UNW), the number of sex marriages registered in 2022 is as follows:

In Africa, the registered number of sex marriages increased by 14% compared to the previous year, with the highest rate in South Africa at 42%. In Asia, China saw a decrease of 19%, but the rest of the countries showed modest increases. In the Americas, Mexico registered a 27% increase, and the United States saw a 25% rise. In Europe, most countries registered positive growth figures, with the United Kingdom leading with a 33% increase. Finally, in Oceania, Australia recorded the highest growth rate with 37% , followed by New Zealand with a 17% increase. The average age of men was 21 years and women were 69 years.

Official statistics in the Middle East are different. Although, according to the report of this organization, the real number is estimated to be more than 13 times.

  • Saudi Arabia: 210
    Oman: 13
    Bahrain: 26
    Iran: 689
    Qatar: 74
    Jordan: 30
    Lebanon: 43
    Syria: 19
    Kuwait: 41
    Iraq: 33
    Egypt: 162
    UAE: 375

According to the same studies and statistics, Egyptian, Jordanian and Lebanese men have mostly gone to Syrian women for this type of marriage. As Iranian women have been the only choice of Iranian men, Iranian immigrant women have mostly married men from the UAE, Saudi, Qatar and Turkey.

The positive effects

Studies by Harvard University’s School of Sociology show that 7 out of 10 normal marriages between 2010 and 2015 ended in divorce. While this statistic for sex marriages is only 2 cases of divorce in every 10 marriages. Studies have shown that these types of marriages bring a sense of contentment, satisfaction and joy to both partners. Additionally, research has shown that women who engage in marriages with younger men have a longer life expectancy and better overall health than their peers. Elderly women in these marriages tend to have higher levels of physical and mental endurance, improved variety in activities and even higher levels of cognitive functioning than those who are normal married. It has also been found that elderly women in these types of relationships also experience deeper emotional attachments as a result of their partnership.

Finally, these imaginative unions result in a greater sense of satisfaction and self-confidence that results in improved wellbeing. Furthermore, marrying a younger, richer man can also increase economic security and provide access to an increased range of resources that can aid in helping the elderly woman age more comfortably and the proof of its positive effects on overall health and life expectancy is undeniable.